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*The following links are affiliate links. Every product has been purchased by me unless otherwise stated. 


Barebones Forest Lantern

This company does a fantastic job at creating rechargeable vintage inspired lanterns. Their designs are spot on and they don’t just look the part. In fact, these lanterns are all made of high-quality materials like stamped steel bodies and rubber handles for grip. Even the bulbs are from the brand, Cree, which is a highly reputable brand in the lighting industry. 


The Forest Lantern has come along on every trip and it casts a warm glow to our late nights and early mornings sitting around camp, typically hanging off a tarp pole. (Snow Peak Lantern Hanger) It’s rated at 220 lumens, so not the brightest, but really I think where this light shines is ambiance. Don’t get me wrong, it brightens up an area, but I think it looks best on a lower setting, which also will improve the battery life as well. I also think this lantern looks better when raised up as opposed to resting on a table in front of you. On lower settings, it can easily last a weekend trip, but cranking this lantern up to the max, you’ll probably get a couple hours at most. 


The only con with this lantern is the charge time… it can take a while. And when I forget to charge it up and I’m ready to pack my car for a trip It's probably just coming along half charged. I don’t know how long it takes but it’s definitely at least 4 hours for a full charge. On a side note, I really like that you can replace the batteries when that time comes. 

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