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Land Nest

Minimalistic & Cozy 

If I were to describe the Land Nest Set in a few words, I’d say this set gives you the traditional Snow Peak camping experience built around a tent and tarp for shelter in a simplified package. Everything from putting this tent together to the overall design is simple, and for me that’s what makes this option so appealing. 

*Full Disclosure: The Land Nest Tent and Tarp was gifted to us from Snow Peak in exchange for nothing.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 2.38.29 PM.jpeg

Let's talk about the design and features. The tent itself, as in the part you will be sleeping in, hooks into the shelter/rain fly via clips. This is legitimately a shelter and can be used on its own without the inner tent if you choose. There is also a smaller inner tent that can be purchased separately if you want more space to hangout underneath. Although, after using the standard or Medium size inner tent, I still could comfortably seat two adults underneath with it zipped up (keep in mind there is only a top vent, so visibility will be limited if closed up). If you're looking for a covered shelter with mesh, the pro series shelters come with full length mesh screen windows all around. So if you truly plan to spend a measurable amount of time underneath, it’d be worth investing in a different shelter system. 

However, I found this inner vestibule perfect for a private location to use a portable toilet, or even dodge mosquitos while brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed. 

This tent has a really cozy vibe to it. From the inner sleeping space, to the cozy back porch (FYI I situate my landnest with the covered vestibule in the back) however, it can be oriented either way. The tarp is set up similar to any other SP hexa tarp, but the shape is slightly more squared off. 

This tent/shelter is a dome shape, which is one of the strongest designs for wind. Check out this clip where the land nest endured five hours of heavy wind gusts and walked away, well let's say a little dusty… The tarp being a more medium sized tarp did just fine as well and took on the wind with full force. The chairs underneath held on for dear life but eventually flew over. If you’re interested in which Snow Peak chairs faired the best in this windstorm I’ll list them right now. 1st place, the Low Beach chairs. 2nd Place the take chairs, and third place the Folding chairs. All chairs eventually flew over, but the Low beach chairs stood up the longest. Anyways, back to the land nest review. The color, while subjective, is one of the first things I liked when it was released. It’s different from other Snow Peak offerings, which usually are ivory or brown. This is somewhere in between and I personally really like it. 

The standard inner tent comfortably fit the three of us. We’ve used both Exped’s in the tent (not at the same time) the 52in and 40in and while it’s much cozier than the alpha breeze, we never felt it was too small.This is especially true for when just my wife and I went. We still had room for gear storage and while this tent doesn't offer standing height, we had plenty of space to get ready inside and nothing about the interior felt cramped.

I think the best way to describe the Land Nest is a cozy tent/shelter combo and adding the tarp enables a comfortable outdoor living space perfect for cooking and just hanging out. 

Things to consider about the Land Nest:


How many people are you going with? 

  • I think it’s optimal for two adults and a small child or dog. Once you start adding multiple children, going with a larger tent may improve your sanity. 

What climate/seasons is this good for?

  • This tent is a 3 season tent, so it will work in most conditions but it’s not designed to handle severe wind, rain, snow, etc. 

  • If you spend a lot of time inside the tent, and go camping when it’s hot out, consider an option with even more ventilation. Although the Land Nest offer four windows, the side ones are pretty small and I imagine if it were hot out and want to feel a good breeze going through, having more mesh would be appreciated. 

How’s the setup:

  • Very easy to set up and take down and can easily be done solo. Another bonus of having an inner tent is when it’s raining, you can keep the tent and gear dry. This is beneficial both when setting up and taking down!

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