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Iron Grill Table (IGT)

A simple modular table for cooking + gathering

Our camp kitchen is pretty simple and that’s all thanks to the Iron Grill Table or IGT. I remember the first time I saw the IGT on Snow Peak’s website and thinking to myself, what is this table with a hole in the center!? Well I’ve now learned and appreciate the modularity it offers and although we keep things pretty minimalistic with ours, you can customize yours however you like, depending on your budget. It’s no secret, the IGT isn't cheap, and adding some accessories can quadruple the price tag. But, if you're looking for a high quality camp table that will last you a lifetime of camping, this is it. The IGT is fully customizable to suit your preferences. From the height of the legs to the placement of your inserts, you have full customization to suit your camp kitchen preferences and can change it up anytime.

How I’ve set up my IGT:


Three Unit Frame

Low Legs & Standing Height Legs

Baja Burner

Waterproof Unit Gear Bag 110

Renewed Bamboo IGT Short Insert

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